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This article is written about a subject matter that is not considered serious and could be seen as a joke.
The emergency bra-mask

The emergency bra-mask

A video on the 'Bra Gas Mask'


The 'Bra Gas Mask' in use.

The 'Bra Gas Mask' is a fairly recent invention by Dr. Elena Bodnar, who was inspired by the massive casualties caused by the radioactive fallout particles from the Chernobyl accident. It is interesting to note as a mechanical idea and also as a humorous note in the development of gas masks and respirators.

It should be noted that using the term 'Gas Mask' to describe this device is actually a misnomer, as it is a respirator in both function and design. The term 'Gas Mask' was probably used for marketing, as that term is much more readily recognized than the term 'Respirator' in the United States.

It was awarded with the Ig Nobel Prize. The device is mechanically sound as a simple particle respirator, though it may not be taken seriously. It would not serve as a protective mask against almost any form of Chemical or Biological attack, but it would offer at least some protection against ash, dust, and smoke inhalation.

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