The Hungarian 34M was designed before the Second World War and was used till the end of the 1950’s. Originally it was issued to the Magyar Királyi Honvédség (Hungarian Royal Army), Légoltalmi Liga (predecessor of the Polgári védelem - Civil Defence) after the war to the Magyar Néphadsereg (Hungarian People’s Army) later it was also used by the Polgári védelem (Civil Defence).

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It is a full face mask made of rubber coated light brown canvas (after the war green canvas was used). The eyepieces are in metal assemblies with antifog insert fixing metal C-rings. The harness uses a three-piece adjustable harness hooked up to a small leather center-piece the straps are bolted onto, an additional strap near the bottom would be wrapped around the user's head and hooked around to provide a tight seal. The valves are in one green painted metal piece (on the after war models the valves were not painted). The exhale is on top of the 40mm intake. Unlike the Cold War Hungarian masks the size 1 is the biggest and size 4 is the smallest.

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Main article: 34M filter

First it was issued with a big flat canister filter (28M filter) and hose. Later a lightweight filter was issued. The 34M filter come in a cylindrical canister with a cap and sticker sealing the bottom. The filter was redeveloped in 1941 because during the Hungarian invasion of the Soviet Union the troops have found Zinc arsenate (Zn3(AsO4)2) powder in warehouses which is used to produce Arsine (AsH3). Arsine was used as a toxic agent and the filter of the 34M was useless against it. So the army would have been suffered heavy loses in case of a gas attack. The redeveloped filters which were protected against arsine were marked with an “A” on the top of the filter.

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The bag is made of canvas with a leather bottom. The little pocket under the lid is for the spere antifog inserts. At the end of the war the canvas bag was changed to a metal cylinder box in lined with cardboard (very similar to the German one).

Chemical troops used the mask with Gázvédőruha (gas protection suit).

The kit contained:

  • 34M facepiece
  • 34M filter
  • 34M bag or 42M cylinder box
  • antifog inserts (one pair in the eyepieces and one spare pair)

Post war model Edit

After the war the production continued. First everything was the same as on the original ones but later the canvas changed to a greener one and the valves were not painted. The markings on the mask are also changed. These masks were used alongside with the original models in the short lived democratic army and later in the new Magyar Néphadsereg (Hungarian People’s Army) until the release of the 50M. Polgári védelem (Civil Defence) used the mask until the end of the 1950’s. The industry also used the mask.

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