The Hungarian 67M (also known as 65M) is a Civil Defense gas mask issued to the civilaians during the Cold War.


The valves are the same as on the Hungarian 60M gas mask, made out of steel and has a 40mm GOST screw thread. The mask was made from rubber coverd by green canvas. The harness uses a simple three piece harness hooked up to a small leather center-piece the straps are bolted onto, an additional strap near the bottom would be wrapped around the user's head and hooked around to provide a tight seal.  The eye lenses are crimped on.


It was issued with a hose and a big flat box filter (the same as on the 60M) and also with a lightweight filter wich is similar to the filter issued with the Soviet PMG-1 series (70M).

Kit and bagEdit

Simple canvas bag (PV-75M or just 75M) with 2 smaller parts in the lower section. The smaller is for the spare filter. The bag  has 3 straps: one ont he shoulder and two for fixing around the waist. It was made in several colour but the difference is minor.

For registrated and non regisrtated members of the Civil Defence the mask was issued with the 60M filter and hose, 57M bag (the bag of the 60M mask) was used. For the civlinas the mask was issued with light weight filter (70M filter) and were kept in air raid shelters (like in the video).

The kit contained:

  • 67M facepiece
  • 60M filter with hose or 70M filter with hydrophobic socket
  • Bag (75M or 57M)
  • Anti fog inserts (x6)


The 67M was an attempt to make a kit and face-piece cheaper to produce than the  current Soviet models. To reduce costs they used a coated canvas design wich was used since the 28M.

There are masks with different eye lenses. Those have the same as the 76M has.

IMG 9122

The bag.

Hundreds of Gas Masks from Cold War Bunker - Urban Exploration

Hundreds of Gas Masks from Cold War Bunker - Urban Exploration

Cold War Bunker Full of Hungarian (67M) Gas Mask's

IMG 9119

The inside of the mask.

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