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The Hungarian 76M is a Civil Defense gas mask originally issued to Hungarian civilians during the Cold War.

Overview Edit

The face-piece of the 76M is made from thin rubber covered by stockinette, this was to reduce costs and allow more protection against blister agents. On the canvas near the top harness strap is the size stamp, though the stamp tends to wear down as time goes on. The eye lenses of the mask are crimped on. The harness uses a simple three piece harness hooked up to a small leather center-piece the straps are bolted onto, an additional strap near the bottom would be wrapped around the user's head and hooked around to provide a tight seal.

The valves are made from simple black plastic with a 40mm GOST screw thread and a simple rounded rubber exhale valve behind the intake valve. On the inside both valves are visible due to the lack of tisso tubes in this face-piece, the valves are held onto the face-piece with a crimped metal ring.

History Edit

The 76M was an attempt to make a kit and face-piece cheaper to produce than the previous 67M and current Soviet Gp-5/Gp-4 Face-piece. To reduce costs they used a coated canvas design. The valves were also made of plastic compared to the more expensive valves used prior and the 67M hose was dropped in favor for a smaller lightweight filter.

Filter Edit

The 76M was issued with a filter extremely similar to the filter issued with the Soviet PMG-1 series. It uses a GOST thread.

Extra Information Edit

The sizing of the 76M is slightly different to the Soviet sizing system.

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