The A-62 Children's mask was an alternate model to the normal A-62 based for kids. The mask would have possibly fitted someone from the ages 3 - 7 (based on other masks and sizes), before this they'd use the LFD (made for infants) and after this age, they'd use another mask designed for civilians (I.E: A-59, A-62 or LF-62).

The mask used an odd strap design featuring two flaps, one strap and shoelaces. The Strap would probably be used to keep it in place while the flaps were forced together by the shoelaces. This would be similar to tying military/tall hiking/winter shoes. This was presumably to keep the mask so tight that a child couldn't lose it while fooling about. The flaps also had holes so that the child could hear better.

Unlike other masks, this one has the exhale valve pointed forwards.

The mask had a single AH-filter slot, compared to the other 'A-masks' that has dual filters. It was also distributed with a singular filter.
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