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FR M39 AFM34 2
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A.F.M. 34 (Appareil Filtrant de Marine type 1934) Edit

The A.F.M. 34 is a W.W.2 French gas mask designed, and used in the navy (Marine Française)

Development: Edit

Most of the gas mask in the beginning of WW2 were far too cumbersome to be used in the small gangways of the inside of a warship, which were hardly the width of two men. After a whole year of studying the needs of the navy, and the requested features that can be involved in sea, the mask is developed by Cpt. Charles Bertin and commissioned in 1934.

Design: Edit

Oddly looking, the disposition of the filtering device is meant to remain emerged, even in the case where a sailor would fell to the sea. the breathe-out vent located on the bottom of the facepiece makes it possible to swim while wearing the mask. The facepiece is made of a metal sheet prolonged by fabric, the rigidity is supposed to bring more comfort. The optics, fixed on the same level, are made to ease the use of optical devices (scopes, periscopes etc.). On the back of the harness, a retention spring going through the helmet by a slot on the back, maintains the filtering cartridge in position.

FR M39 AFM34 13
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Civilian use Edit

Widely spread in the French navy, the A.F.M. 34 has also been used by the civilian signal corp. P.T.T. (Postes, Téléhone, Télégraphe). Those exemplary have a file-carrying slot on the side of the mask's case.

Trivia Edit

  • The A.F.M. 34 can be found on dead ”stalkers” on the surface in Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light.

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