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AG 5 gas mask

The AG 5 was a belgian civilian mask made by L'Anti-Gaz. The design came from Pirelli and was adapted for belgian use.

Mask overview Edit


AG 5 strap system

The AG 5 was made of beige rubber and it used the standard italian 5 elastic straps system. The mask used a twin exhale valve system, one for each cheek. Its filter was connected through a 25 mm filter intake filter intake at the bottom of the mask.

AG 5 exhale valve

Filter Edit


AG 5 with its kit

The filter, sporting a 25 mm thread, was designed and produced by l'Anti-Gaz.

Kit Edit


Spare exhale valve, instructional pamphlet and anti-fogging soap

The mask came in a cylindrical box with the filter, the anti-fogging soap, the instructional pamphlet and a box containing a spare exhale valve.

AG 5 marking

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