The Airboss Low Burden Mask (LBM) is the latest generation gas mask from Airboss Defence. The mask is currently being issued by the Australian Defence Force, and it has been confirmed to be the Canadian Armed Forces replacement for the C4 as of July 2019[1].

The Australian Defence Force adopted the mask as apart of the Land Phase 2110 CBRN overhaul program, and it has slowly been replacing the S10, or rather "ADF-10" respirator. Initially it was only issued to Australian special forces such as the 2nd Commando Regiment, however now it has seen use by standard ADF servicemen.

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The LBM has swap-able dual filter ports and a single wide polycarbonate lens with integrated UV and ballistic protection[2]. It features a frontal voice transmitter, a "high flow" drinking system, and a 6 point fabric head harness. Like its predecessor the C4, its outer body is made of bromobutyl rubber, it has a silicone oronasal cup, and natural rubber/silicone valves. Also like the C4, the mask is relatively lightweight, at 465 grams.[3]

The manufacturer, Airboss, claims the mask has been tested to provide at least 24 hours of continuous protection against CW agents, as well as complete impermeability to all biological agents. They also claim the LBM offers an optimal weight distribution, and low breathing resistance.

The LBM comes foil sealed in 4 sizes, and currently is only available in black. Its CE/NIOSH certification is pending. At this time, the manufacturer offers a limited set of accessories accessories: sun/laser outserts and a voice amplifier

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