The Ajax F1 was a French licensed copy of the Italian P43.

Mask overview Edit

The Ajax F1 was composed of a flat-moulded faceblank made of beige rubber, smooth on the inside and textured on the outside. To said faceblank, the following were attached:

  • A threaded 42mm inlet at the chin with an inlet valve and a gasket
  • Two crimped eyepieces, 66mm wide, made of triplex glass
  • Two exhale valves with identical housings, one for each cheek
  • A 5-straps head harness, four of which were elastic

Filter Edit

The filter used with this mask was an adaptation of the Dirin design, modified to have a 42mm thread. Later kits were issued with various other French civilian filters.

Kit Edit

The kit this mask comes with varies, with most mask coming with a random French civilian filter and carrier.

The original kit consisted of the following:

  • Dirin-like 42mm filter
  • Pirelli-style carrier
  • Spare exhale-valve
  • Anti-fogging lenses
A microphone could be provided if requested.
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