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The 700 series was mainly intended for industrial purposes, but the police, firefighters and even the civil defence used it and were exported to many countries throughout the years.

Overall most of the masks in this series are very similar except most notably the 780 and the 790 which are completely different.

Interesting to note that sometimes smaller numbered masks were later produced than certain bigger numbered ones (For example there are 744s from the 1960s while the 747 was a typical Interwar Era mask). A similar case is that when certain smaller numbered masks are more modern than bigger numbered ones (735s have normal exhale valve - similar to the GM30 valve housing - but the 747s lack of any dedicated exhale valve, except if the mask is 747-AS).

With the previous statement in mind, the following can be said about the construction of these masks:

  • The facepiece is made of rubber-coated canvas with a few exceptions being made of rubber or leather.
  • The face seal frame is made of leather.
  • The intake valve is on the chin, usually made of metal.
  • The exhale valve is not standard on the early ones, this is why the early models often have an "AS" variant which sports a "glimmer type" exhale valve under the left eyepiece. The later ones either came standard with an exhale valve under the left eyepiece, came with a different intake housing which also contains the exhale valve or sometimes not having exhale valve at all.
  • The eyepieces vary a lot, on the early masks the eyepiece assemblies were pressed to the face blank with the glasses, on the later ones the GM30 type eyepiece assembly came in which allows the replacement of the glasses, later this type was simplified.
  • The harness is much more constant but there are a few exceptions. It is made of canvas and the elasticity is provided by springs (2-3 in each strap), the construction is usually 5-pointed and 3-pieced with an additional neck and carrying strap.

Sizing is very basic; Normal (Medium), Über (Large) and Unter (Small).

720 (late 1920-1930s)Edit

The first mask in this family came out in the late 1920s. Main features: rubberised canvas facepiece composed from 3 sheets, 4+2 pointed head harness, pressed aluminium eyepieces with celluloid glasses and aluminium intake.

725 (1930s)Edit

Differs from the 720 in just the head harness, which is now 5+2 pointed.

726 (1930s)Edit

The same as the 725 but it has a carrying strap and the now on the facepiece is composed of only one sheet.

735 (mid 1930s-early 1960s)Edit



744 (1950s-1960s)Edit

Overall similar to the 720 but features things from later 735s, like the harness being adjustable where it connects to the mask, the carrying strap being adjustable. The eyepieces are the simplified unscrewable type.

745 (1940s-1960s)Edit

The same as the 744 but the canvas is rubberised on both sides, the harness is sometimes the older one which can be adjusted on the back and the exhale valve housing can be plastic. The rubber can be black, green, grey or blue.

746 (1940s-1960s)Edit

Similar to the 744. This mask was meant to be an universal facepiece for normal filters and to use with rebreathers, hence the small screw thread in the middle of the intake.

747 (early 1930s- mid 1940s)Edit

The most diverse type.

747 and 747 ASEdit


747 LEdit


747 GEdit


747 ZEdit


Derivatives Edit

main article: CMP Mod. 1933

Spanish production of the 747 facepiece with the 770 hose, meant for military and territorial use.

748 (1950s)Edit

Basically a 745 but with older type of eyepieces. Sometimes it came with universal connection.

749 (1930s-1940s)Edit

750 (1950s)Edit

Only rebreather facepiece.

751 (1940s-1950s)Edit

This mask can be used with rebreathers and with normal filters too (universal connector). The harness system is fixed to the facepiece. It features the bigger GM24 type unscrewable eyepieces.

757 (1930s)Edit

The facepiece is made of leather, the eyepieces are the old type. It is Similar to the Leder B-Maske.

759 (1930s)Edit

Similar to the 757 but this mask has an oral-nasal cup and the filter connection sports a smaller thread on the middle, from these attributes it is clear that the mask was meant to use with rebreathers.

777 (mid 1950s-1960s)Edit

The mask got simplified on the harness, as that is only 5 pointed. The facepiece is now only made of rubber, similar to the GM54. The eyepieces are the newer type. But the exhale valve is still not standard.

778 (mid 1950s-1960s)Edit

The same as the 777 but with GM38 valve housing later the same plastic one was used as on the Post-War 735 masks. Because of the GM38 valve housing the connection hole is much larger to connect a small round intake. To solve this problem a new intake was used for the rebreather variant.

780  (mid 1960s-early 2000s)Edit

Main article: M65

790 (mid 1960s-early 2000s)Edit

Main article: M65

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