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The B2g is a Yugoslav, and later, Serbian industrial mask. It is unknown what year this mask started being produced, (often speculated to have began production in 1990s) but as of 2019, it is still in production at the Trayal Corp works in Krusevac, Serbia. It's probably a copy of the MSA Ultravue/AUER s3

Overview Edit

Structurally speaking, the B-2/G is very similar to its predecessor the B-2. The upgrades take place in the form of removing the B-2s obsolete 60mm threading and replacing it with 40mm STANAG threading. Moreover, the valve assembly was modified to allow for a voice diaphragm. Trayal themselves refer to it as a 'phonic membrane'. Two sections of metal grate are found above the filter threading, which help project the users voice.

It only comes in one size and 2 different color versions are known: turquoise (with light grey plastic parts) and black (with black plastic parts).

Тhe Panoramic lens is made from polycarbonates. The facepiece weighs around 650 grams (without the filter).


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