The BNG 2 was an Italian industrial half mask.

Mask overview Edit

The BNG 2 half-face respirator is very similar in setup to the T.35, sharing its valves positioning. The thick rubbered face-piece has a peripheral seal made of softer rubber to properly fit onto the wearer's face. The 40 mm thread is the same as the T.35 gas mask and the exhale valve sits in the front. The upper two straps sustain the respirator while the lower two keeps the mask firmly onto the face.

Kit Edit

The mask comes in a small metal box. When needed, the mask was issued with special glasses to protect against certain substances.

Filter Edit

The mask was issued with various filters depending on the use, usually DIRIN type (i.e. DIRIN 250 S).

Variants Edit

First variant Edit

The first version on the BNG 2 half mask was made of black rubber and sported a typical T.35 exhale system and straps made of elastic cloth. This variant came in only one size.

Second variant Edit

The second version of the BNG 2 half mask was made of gray rubber and sported a modernized T.35 exhale system and straps made of rubber. The mask came in multiple sizes and had the E.N.P.I. marking on the left cheek.
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