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The BN (боевой несекретный/boyeboy nesekretny meaning 'combat unclassified' as opposed to classified BS-series which were eventually declassified into BN) was a gas mask kit issued to the Soviet Red Army during the Second World War.

Overview Edit

The mask was ecould be an Sh-1, ShM-1 or O-8. All later kits are based on this kit however very little information is known about this kit. It was succeeded by the RSh-4 kit.

BN T4 Edit

Kit for the O-8 and later ShM-1 masks.

BN T5 Edit

Kit for the Sh-1 mask.

I work with these stuff: Edit

The kit contained:

  • ShM-1 or O-8 facepiece
  • T-4 (or A-3, T-5, CR-2, MT-4) filter
  • 1928 type or 39 type bag
  • antifog inserts or soap
  • decontamination kit


O-8 mask with filter.


The bottoms of the T-4 filter.

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