The BSS-MO-4U is the Bulgarian licensed variant of the ShM-41M.

Mask overview Edit

The mask is a typical helmet styled rubber soviet mask itself is called ShM-41M. With two circular eyepieces that can fit antifog inserts but it has also a Tissot tube system. The valves are made of metal which is painted dark green (the later ones were painted with transparent paint, so those are similar to the Polish SzM-41M) and has a 40mm GOST thread. The mask was made in 5 sizes.

The filter Edit

The filter itsefl is the BSS-MO-4u come in a light green-olive coloured flat box aluminium alloy canister with the same coloured cap (the filter is nearly identical with the EO-12)  and a rubber cap on the bottom.

The first layer is special paper which filters out aerosols and dust, it contains 4-6% asbestos. The second is K-5U activated carbon with catalisator metal oxides (CuO, CrO3, Ag2O).

Bag and kit Edit

The bag is similar to the Soviet Type A bag, it is made of khaki canvas but it has no buckles.

The kit contained:

  • ShM-41M facepiece (also called BSS-MO-4U)
  • BSS-MO-4u filter (also called EO-24IX)
  • Hose
  • Bag
  • Antifog inserts

External informatonEdit

CIA [1] datas about the mask from the Cold War.

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