The Hungarian Biomaszk is the licensed variant of the Fenzy Biomask. It is currently in reserve service in Katasztrófavédelem (Civil Defence), Rendőrség (Police) but the industry probaly still uses it.


This is the first panoramic mask manufactured in Hungary. The facepiece is made of black neoprene and has a panoramic plastic eyepiece. It also has an oral-nasal cup. The harness easy to use five-pointed and also made of neoprene. The intake and the voice diaphragm are on the front while the exhale is on the bottom front both are in plastic house. Unlike on the original French-made ones the exhale valve is the same as on the 70M, the exhale valve cover is different as well, the same is used on the Menekülő kámzsa and Respirátor FA series.


The mask can be used with 40mm STANAG filters and with atmospheric pressure suplied air systems.

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Manufacturers Edit

The neoprene face blank and the harness were made in France by Fenzy (hence the Fenzy logo on them) but all other parts were manufactured in Hungary by Comasec Respirátor and later by Respirátor and the final assembly took place there too.

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In Budapest, in the 2006 autumn demonstrations, the riot police used the mask with the 70M filter to protect themselves from tear gas.

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