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This article has been locked to prevent editing by unregistered users.

Applicable reasons for a user to be blocked from editing on this wikia:

  • Vandalism - Repeatedly editing a page with malicious intent.
  • Use of Foul language - Repeated use of language that is considered vulgar or foul
  • Starting an editing war - Attempting to or starting a fight in which users fight over the correct revision may result in a block being issued by the local admins.
  • Intentionally creating links to malicious websites - Any user caught intentionally linking other users to malware, or phishing pages will receive a block, which may be issued immediately.


You will be given two formal warnings before a block will be put in place.

The first formal warning will be given on your talk page by a local admin, if you chose to ignore this and continue to break the rules, you will be given a second warning - That is your final warning. After the 2 warnings have been issued you will recieve a block from a local admin.

Requesting a block to be lifted

If you believe that a block was improperly put in place by a local admin, please contact EditorUK, with a reason why your block should be lifted.

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