• JeromeZP

    How to write on this wiki

    September 7, 2019 by JeromeZP

    watch this

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  • CentrifugalRegulator

    I write this post to give that information to people which I think don’t fit in the articles of individual masks but can be interesting to someone. This is not a too serious post but contains useful pieces of information and nearly all masks used in Hungary before 2000.

    • 1915: The first Hungarian masks were wet hoods. These were steeped with HaOH, NH4NO3 and used with a “lot” success against the phosgene attacks on the Italian front. Very rare mostly because these are canvas bags with glasses.
    • 1916: 1917M mask issued. Only masks with K. u. K. stamp can be 1917M otherwise it is an GM-15. Very rare.
    • 1917: GM-17 issued as 1917K, rare.
    • 1927: Probably Auer 747/G masks used in the industry. Rare.
    • 1928: 27M repaired 1917M masks with the same stamp insid…
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  • JeromeZP

    Snakes and ladders!

    March 16, 2019 by JeromeZP

    I found this very neat picture of a snakes and ladders made for the civilian population by the UNPA (Unione Nazionale Protezione Antiaerea, national air-raid protection union). The reason I post this in this wiki is that there are multiple gas mask images inside it rapresenting rare gas masks, some of which I can't recognize!

    Now I'll list the masks drawn on this game

    N. 8 : S.I.P. 1

    N. 15 : V.V.F. pattern S.I.P.

    N. 21: P45

    N. 35: P43

    N. 43: S.I.P. 3

    N. 49: S.I.P. 2

    N. 55: Undefined, probably a S.I.P. variant

    N. 63: Pr.C.33

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  • JeromeZP

    DISCLAIMER: This article is not meant as a guide to make Russian masks CBRN rated, but a simple procedure to use NATO filters on GOST mask for simple DIY jobs. This tecnique puts stress on the thread, so it's not recommended for long time periods and/or rare masks.

    CONVERTING A GP-5 to 40 mm NATO!

    This is a short article on converting GP-5 gas masks to 40 mm NATO. This procedure works with any 40 mm mask. Skip the notion part if you just want to use your Russian mask with 40 mm filters.

    A big part of the gas mask community thinks that the sealing of the gas mask comes from the thread. Even if it seems like it -in fact, NATO filters don't seal on russian mask- ,its a wrong notion, because the sealing of the filter to the gas mask comes from th…

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  • Error 404 Happiness not Found

    Well I have the filter that the mask came from,an EO.1.08.01,still it is a filter with no info and there are other info on filters that I had questions on like,if you use a filter in an non-harzadous enviroment will it worn out?and if I use an expired filter what happens?

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  • Error 404 Happiness not Found

    Do I need the grid that the PMK comes with to keep the masks form,I went online and couldn´t find any manual on the matter,neither a clear explanation,I wanted some help with regular stuff I just got my PMK 

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  • Tobiepro

    Hello i recently bought a gp-5 gas mask but when i researched i found out that there's asbestos in it.I would like to know if the fp-5 filter is okay and what materials is it made of.

    Thank you.

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  • JeromeZP

    When I first got into gas mask collecting I couldn't find gas masks for sale from any place different than ebay, and because of that I couldn't find what I was looking for most of the time. This guide is for anyone that wants more places to look for gas masks and other related items, especially the ones that just got into the hobby.

    Amazon's gas mask stock has been growing recently, and many options can be found now: if you just want to buy a funny gift or do a bit of cosplaying amazon is the quickest and easiest way to go.

    Militaria shops are the most expensive places to get gas masks: not many options can be found and everything is overpriced: unless you know the right price for a mask and find a store that sells that mask for cheaper, avo…

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    Hungarian M76 for sale!

    September 1, 2018 by TASBALAA

    Hungarian M76 gas mask full kit, never used, new old stock from 1985. Price: $14. Shipping: worldwide, ask for price. Pictures and ebay:

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  • MystedCynic

    Now, before we begin, I absolutely do not recommend doing this, and take no responsibility for what you do with this guide, but if you're like me and don't listen, at least do it outside and wear a respirator. You'll thank me later.

    Also, this doesn't work for "coffee can" type filters, they're built differently. If I open one of mine, I might make a post on how to disassemble it, but they are far more dangerous than the green civil filters. It's best to keep them sealed up for display only. Actually that goes for all filters, display only. I did this so I could have a safe filter for airsoft games/cosplay.

    Materials needed:

    Dremel tool/metal file

    Container that a filter will fit in

    someting that you can hit with a hammer that fits into the top…

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  • Endersteve0331

    I never realized how many games actually have gas masks in them.

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  • Asbestos boy

    Many respirators have either mild history or widely known history, but what angers me is lack of info or even a page of an item like the Polish SR-1.  Where there is some info, it just hasn't been compiled into a single source for many to view in a single space.  And it doesn't help when you're buying in the US and has them listed as Czech Gas Masks.  When most of this info comes out it's understandably in Polish, but it gets blocked out by other headwound and casualty gas masks.

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  • DukeMeadowland


    January 4, 2018 by DukeMeadowland

    Since I consider myself the next Banksy, I've designed some stickers with gas mask/respirator themes.  Here in the US, stickers are the low-risk way of spreading images.  If you are caught, you are just charged with "posting bills" and not with vandalism.  I'd Since at my age, I don't need an arrest record, stickers are the way to go. 

    In my punk-rock days, I'd make my own stickers so my original idea was to use my inkjet printer and "sticker paper" to produce some provocative images.  However, it became instantly clear that the resulting stickers did not last that long when exposed to the elements.  The colors would bleed and give a melted look that was pretty cool, but the sticker rotted away within a week or so.  I started coating the st…

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  • MystedCynic

    Soviet Filters Research

    December 10, 2017 by MystedCynic

    I hate being the guy to talk about asbestos in Soviet and Warsaw Pact filters, as very many people ask about this, and I believe the asbestos danger is somewhat of a scare tactic. Like many others, I have worn the GP-5 kit, and upon discovering it contained asbestos, I started to wonder just how toxic asbestos really is, and what other filters were dangerous. I have decided to share what little I have uncovered and my own conclusion. I hope it is helpful.

    What is asbestos?

    How does asbestos affect the body?

    The effect of  fiber size on toxicity

    Chrysotile asbestos toxicity


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  • DukeMeadowland

    Thoughts on the M10

    November 1, 2017 by DukeMeadowland

    For Halloween this year, I wore the M10 in my collection as I wandered around my neighborhood soliciting candy.  I felt the old M17 headache with the eye lenses pressing on my temple.  I was not happy with the nose cup fit.  It leaked significantly and fogged the internal eye lenses.  It was clear that my face was too big for the mask and I hope a properly fitting M10 would be more comfortable and produce a better nose cup and facial seal.  The breathing resistance was reasonable, but walking up hills still increased my labored breathing.  I'm not in that bad of shape, so I attribute it to the inability to get enough air when required.  The crazy look of the mask was a big hit and I was mistaken for "gamer bad guy" by all the younger folks…

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  • Crownomancer

    Gas mask lense sizes

    October 9, 2017 by Crownomancer

    So I’m trying to make replacement lenses out of polycarbonate to cater for all various different masks out there, I’m wondering if any savvy gas mask owners would be kind enough to measure and tell me the specification of said lenses, I need to know the diameter and thickness and any other information I would need to know in order to make the lenses.

    Currently I only make S10 lenses, I’m happy to provide a free lenses set that I make to anyone (well the first people) who gives me manufacturing specifications for each kind of mask.

    I’m currently looking at the more main stream masks, FM12 and GP-5 but im happy to make any (flat lenses) for any kind of masks.

    Thank you. 

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  • MystedCynic

    I have four of these strange yellow filters. They look like GP-5 filters, but shipped in pairs, connected together. I have no idea what they were used for. If anyone can help me identify them, I would appreciate it. Note the small letters in the second photo, seems to be a chemical designation.

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  • SubarrowEvelyn

    This is supposed to be a general overview of the subject of respirators, aimed at collectors, airsoft players, and preppers.

    A respirator is a device worn on the face to filter out hazardous gases or particles, or to provide unfiltered supplied air (usually through rebreathing, or compressed air)

    Gas masks were first developed during the First World War, as a response to the use of crude chemical weapons. At first, these masks were quite basic, often consisting of pads over the mouth and nose and fabric hoods, but later development produced respirators more resembling modern masks. The Germans pioneered the use of corrective inserts for soldiers who needed glasses.

    Various chemical weapons were developed during the first world war. Initially,…

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  • SubarrowEvelyn

    This is intended as a long-needed update to User:Rectalwrecker's "Proper Article Construction" blog post. This wiki has progressed significantly since 2014, and practices have changed since the post was first written.

    As before, this is intended as a guide to people creating or contributing to articles.

    A mask or filter article should have a Template:Mask or Template:Filter infobox at the top (under any notices also applied to the article). If a field doesn't apply, leave it out (for example, cheek filter masks don't have threads)

    You can insert these with the visual editor by clicking on "insert", "template" on the dropdown menu, and then selecting "Mask" or "Filter". If you'd like to edit an existing infobox with the visual editor, click on…

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  • Epicotters

    Does anybody know the production dates of the Soviet ShM-41? The reason I ask is I seem to have one with the production date of 1983 and that just seems off to me.

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  • EdMaitre

    What masks are these?

    February 27, 2017 by EdMaitre

    What masks are these? Anybody know? Thanks!

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  • Burning Napalm

    Folkgasmask Typ 32

    February 20, 2017 by Burning Napalm
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  • Burning Napalm
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  • Burning Napalm

    Just unboxed and washed with soap and hot water.

    After the washing, the mask still present some brown dirty parts (in the left part of the mask).

    Should I use ethilic alcohol to clean?

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  • EditorUK


    February 12, 2017 by EditorUK

    Hi all,

    I'll be unavailable for a little bit - any questions or issues you have for never, please leave a message in my walks and I will get back to them as soon as i can.

    Thanks EditorUK

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  • Teplovoy

    I'm An Idiot xddd

    February 8, 2017 by Teplovoy

    Being the genius that I am, I decided to test the seal of my M-10. This may have been the worst mistake of my life. When I was sure the mask fit me correctly, I tool it off and immediately began coughing. Curious as to what would've caused this, I brought a flashlight up to it and, WADDAYAH KNOW?! A disturbingly high amount of white particulates near the exhale valves. Just wondering if I'm gonna be alright or not. I had the M-10 on for about half a minute, by the way... Not even sure if this is the right place to ask (ha) but I'm kinda paranoid at the moment.

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  • Archie The Schlem Maska   This is an Invite to our Discord server, there's six of us collectors, some from Wikia, join us.

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  • WeaponsGradePotato

    Us 40 and m17a2

    December 24, 2016 by WeaponsGradePotato

    So i won a m40 and m17a2 in an auction. But the m40 came with a c2 filter attached amd the m17 still has filters in. I was wondering if the mask is now contaminated or is it fine. And also HOW DO I FREAKING REMOVE THE DANG CHEEK FILTERS?

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  • Archie The Schlem Maska

    Hello all, I was thinking what if we make a discord server? TS is paid while discord servers are free to create. I can create one. 

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  • SubarrowEvelyn


    October 20, 2016 by SubarrowEvelyn

    I've decided to put together a short collection of links to CBRN resources and manuals, mostly pertaining to US CBRN defence (and mostly PDF format)

    If any of these links go dead, please ask me. I have copies of some of the documents!

    • 2000 (no stock information)
    • 2001
    • 2002
    • 2003
    • 2004
    • 2005
    • 2006
    • 2007
    • 2008 (Significantly shorter, no stock information)
    • 2009 (Significantly shorter, fielded rather than stock)
    • 2010
    • 2012 (Extremely short, possibly fielded rather than stock)
    • 2013 (Significantly shorter, possibly fielded rather than stock)
    • 2014

    Note that some equipment is referred to differently than on this wiki (for instance, the M50 is generally referred to as the Joint Service General Purpose Mask, or JSGPM)

    Manual Mask Target Year

    TM 3-4240-280-10 M24, M25A1 Op…

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  • EditorUK

    New notices

    October 19, 2016 by EditorUK

    Hello everyone!

    I've created a couple of new notice boxes for articles:

    For use with articles about filters that we are unsure of their status. Please don't use this for filters that we know to be dangerous.

    Feedback is appreciated -- if you see something you would like to change about these notices, please leave a comment below


    Good luck and have fun out there! EditorUK

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  • ThePolishMagyar

    Hey, I'm not really good at making these kind of posts. So I'll make this simple, as the name implies. Would anybody be willing to be mess around on Half-Life 1 Deathmatch or run through the Half-Life campaign in Sven Co-op or something on Steam to pass the time? I can host servers for both games, though I can't say those from outside the US will get the best ping, but it should be rather bearable. I can also make a group on Skype, if needed. I have a (dead) Steam group as well, if interested. Let me know if anyone's up for it.

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  • Frenchs yellow mustard gas

    im ranked number five on the wiki show me some love for this astonishing achivement

    number five thanks all of you for your help.

    with exclusive shoutouts to subarrowEvelyn and editorUK for all the help

    could not have done it with out you many thanks

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  • Denolas

    New Mask To Add?

    June 23, 2016 by Denolas

    Today I recieved a package from my friend. It was an gas mask from an local Turkish factory.

    The mask is weird Im looking at it now and I can see that its been used.

    I have its name but I still want to learn about it.

    When I learn enough I would like to add it to wikia.

    ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • MystedCynic

    If anyone wants to know, I'm busy collecting as many of the GP-5 filters as I can, with dates and manufacturing stamps from different years and areas. When I get a large enough sample size, I will disassemble the portions that are supposed to contain asbestos, and get definitive information on which types and years are hazardous.

    I have already opened one with M-1-83-11Э stamped on it. Removing a small piece with tweezers, I found that the lower cotton layer does burn, but leaves a fibrous ash that *could* be asbestos. Or it could just as easily be glass fibers. Video to come later.

    It really can't be determined without official paperwork, which through my own investigation into this, has been lacking. This argument pops up everywhere the fi…

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  • MystedCynic

    Now, this is all just realm of speculation, but I have been researching the action of charcoal in filters and elsewhere. Apparently it is used for the Purification of helium gas. I would venture to say that helium is NOT adsorbed by the active charcoal. It purifies the helium of impurities by adsorbing them, while allowing the helium to pass. Also, helium is a noble gas, meaning it does not react well with anything and usually adopts an inert state. 

    So, running by this logic, I have some newer production DPG-3 filters that i have loaded with helium from a balloon tank. Also I put them in vacuum sealed packs, like the kind for freezing food in. I have no idea if it will keep them fresh for longer, but if it works, then they may stay fresh f…

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  • Ayden1224

    Recently looked on OfferUp for Gas Masks, found a listing for a Soviet PDF-D and a ND Mark V for $50. But the Mark V appears to have a red tinted visor, anybody know anything about this? Did they actually make models like this or is it possible the seller did it himself?

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  • Pdb11


    May 10, 2016 by Pdb11

    hello to you all my name is paul biggs a 52 year old man whos not working because of illness on the long days of exercise .hospital vists .doctors.or just resting my legs i was whatching youtube and started to whatch the prepping videos like a lot of people i thought they were mad but as i listered and i talked to friends i began to prep with out knowing it  i started to put away a few tins of food every week and stocked up my camping items know i find my self buying army surplus kit spare cooking gas mre food stores and now i am keeping gas masks like the cm4 army mask and  looking to get more safty items like a nbc suite more and different filters i ve joined the gas mask wiki for some help and advice and hope give some think back to the…

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  • TheGasMaskGuy

    Hi I bought a israeli gas mask and I was onedering what the filter can protect agenst if you dont know no problem thanks!

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  • SubarrowEvelyn

    If you're adding a new page to the wiki, please be sure to add the correct categories. Please also check that a relevant category doesn't already exist before you create a new one.

    The country of origin should be referenced. This should be the full name of the country, in English, avoiding unnecessary political references or abbreviations.

    • Russia
    • Soviet Union
    • United Kingdom
    • Germany

    • 日本 (non-English)
    • Republic of Moldova (political reference)
    • Nazi Germany (political reference)
    • DPRK (abbreviation, political reference)

    • SFR Yugoslavia (Yugoslavia)
    • FR Yugoslavia (Serbia)
    • State union of Serbia and Montenegro (Serbia)

    The general purpose of a gas mask, if known, should be noted.

    • Military Gas Masks
    • Child Gas Masks
    • Civilian Gas Masks
    • Dog Gas Masks
    • Experimental Masks
    • C…

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  • EditorUK


    April 16, 2015 by EditorUK

    Hello ladies and Gentlemen

    I haven't posted a blog in a while, so I thought it would be about time I did.

    I've noticed an increase in the number of people coming to ask questions lately, which is great news, it's  good to see the site's picking up in terms of popularity.

    I'd also like to thank all of our contributors for their continued support

    And I would like to extend an extra thank you for the edits and comments made by the following users:



    Rednose Soldier

    Update on the GP-5 filter tests:

    I've contacted another 10 possible asbestos testing labs regarding getting the GP-5's filters. I'm awaiting responses for rough costs and possiblities.

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  • Rectalwrecker

    This guide is written to help individuals creating or cleaning up articles.

    To make the wiki more uniform, we request that you follow a few simple guidelines when writing or cleaning up an article. First and foremost is very simple, we request that instead of using an image and caption for every article, you use a template:InfoBox. This can be done in both the classic source editor by adding, "" or through the visual editor by clicking on insert>template>Stub.

    Breaking an article into several headers isn't required, and is not recommended when writing articles with minimal information. Though if an article is very large it is recommended to break it into smaller parts with individual headers.

    The actual content of an article should be formal,…

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  • EditorUK

    GP-5 Filters

    November 18, 2014 by EditorUK

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    As you are all likely aware, we've been discussing the safety of the General Purpose (GP-5)'s filters and whether or not they contain asbestos or other such dangerous materials.

    Unfortunately, we're not much closer to getting a definitive answer for this burning question.

    If anyone has any proper evidence, including paper work to back up the claims, either way (that the filters are relatively safe or contain asbestos), it would be much appreciated.

    And people, please don't post stuff like "my friend who works in an asbestos lab looked at the filters and said this...", it's not proof one way or the other and without any sort of proper paper work, it's as good as telling me that you're secretly related to the pope. Without …

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  • EO-19


    August 19, 2014 by EO-19

    Hello, I am informing you guys you can check out my collection by clicking this link:

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  • YugoslavianCollector

    My collection

    August 18, 2014 by YugoslavianCollector

    Can you tell me something about my colection and rate it please

    I have :

    1.Yugoslavian MC.1 (full citizen protection kit)

    2. Serbian M2 

    3. Serbian M2f 

    4. Czech M10M 

    5. American M40a1 

    6. german WW2 GM 38 

    keep in mind i dont have founds to buy any more and i cant buy of ebay so i need to buy out of local sites ...

    p.s. im from serbia so if you know any sites in the region so i can order common gas masks like m61 , gp 5 ... 


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  • EditorUK

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I've enabled the new style editor to this wiki, which should make it easier to make edits and do some generally prettying up on this wiki

    Some basic tips on how to edit using the new editor:

    Hyperlinks or just 'links' allow extra information to be referenced or linked to from another page, they serve primarily as navigation on the wiki and proper use make it considerably easier for users to find new information

    Select the text you want to hyperlink. Keep it short, try not to highlight entire sentences and makesure the link is relevant, if the passage is talking about 40mm filters don't link it to a page about the EO-19 PBF.

    Quite simple, just click the hyperlink button (the one that looks like a chain), this will ope…

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  • EditorUK

    New info require

    March 30, 2014 by EditorUK

    Ladies and Gents,

    I'm coming today, to ask the community at large to help me out here, there's been an increase lately in the sale of the British GSR (General Service Respirator), since we don't have a page on it yet, I think it's about right that we collect as much information about it; to create a informative page

    Filter type (I know that it seems to use some sort of proprietary filters that don't use the standard 40 mm)

    Fitting system (Sizes and charts)

    Images (in use and sitting idle)

    User perspective

    Extra information (history about it)

    Wikipedia has already done a basic page about the matter,

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  • DJ vodnik


    October 4, 2013 by DJ vodnik

    Going to be mixing when i get home. TODAYS MIX: CIRCUS, WITH: FuntCase, Flux Pavilion, Doctor P and Cookie monsta! i will hopefully be putting it up on youtube in the next week or so. link will be posted on here as well! I will also be posting ALOT of really cool pics on here as well!

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  • EditorUK


    September 19, 2013 by EditorUK

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the hallowed 'een approaches quickly. And now's a great time of year for all of you Collectors out there to dust of those old Gas Masks and Really get into the Spirit!

    Certainly, I shall too be getting into the Spirit with My Russian PBF and an appropriately bloodied up white shirt^ to add to the fun of Halloween, even if it's not such a huge event as it is over in the states. It's still an excuse for me to wear a shirt I ruined and Wear a Gas Mask and not be called a nutjob.

    ^It's fake blood. So don't worry, I wash my shirts if I get blood on 'em

    Also, if you're doing something special for Halloween, to do with Gas Masks, please do feel free to post it on here.

    If your halloween plans don't have anything to do with Gas M…

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  • Freedash22

    FInished M40 gas mask. Great article. Informative and passionately written.

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