The filter is probably safe because it is made after 1950-1980 making it safe but still be aware and I would suggest not to use the 80’s Filter or 50’s or 60’s or 70’s because it does contain asbestos apparently and some do say The GP7 gasmask is bad and good, it would be good for cosplay like (My Bloody Valentine 3D) because if you have watch the film, it shows the killer wearing the GP7 mask, which is quite a good start for Halloween as a beginner also it is basic to have as a costume. I do have a Good Russian fellow friend and he does understand the date number so he kinda helped me with it so yeh if you have trouble could always ask me but I of course don’t have a account also I won’t be here often and if you have trouble ask an Russian Friend of yours or Use translator if your tiered of doing these things or maybe ask a Gasmask Expert dude, because lots do know about this, still in my words don’t use the filter because you might cough up some asbestos in your lungs.

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