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The C2 gas mask is a civilian version of the wz.32 mask intended for civil defense and civilians.


The mask is made of full rubber. Mask tapes made of stretchy material allow you to adjust the mask to your face. The thread is located directly on the front of the mask. The C2 mask featured a modern inner half mask.

Mask was produced in 4 sizes : M - small (mała), S - medium (średnia), S/D - medium large (średnio duża) and D - large (duża).


The C2 mask did not have a connecting tube like wz 32. It is true that nothing stood in the way to mount it, but it was not included in the kit. For the C2 mask, a small filter element screwed directly into the thread was used.

There were two models of filters: a small red painted one (called short absorbers of the PC 110 ACM type, similar to the TC-38 filter) and a larger one in khaki color.


The kit included a mask, a filter and a carrying bag.


One-chamber linen bag closed with a flap with a single flat button. On the flap of the bag, a stamp with the size, production date and manufacturer.


The mask was used by the Polish pre-war civil defense called the Air and Gas Defense League (LOPP). The C2 mask was individually purchasable by civilians. LOPP formations used C2 masks on a par with R.S.C. with a significant advantage of the latter structure.

After the defeat of Poland in 1939, the German army was taken over by the factories producing gas masks. The German administration continued the production of C2 gas masks under the name G-39 for German services.