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The CD V-805 M22 Gas Mask, generally shortened to "M22" gas mask.

Surprisingly, the mask was designed to be discarded after use. Unfortunately, due to several developmental problems, the mask never entered full-scale production, making it difficult to find today.

The mask was issued in a clear, airtight plastic bag with visual instructions in black ink printed on the back. Inside the bag was the M22 with brown paper over the lenses to protect them. The cost to make the mask was 6.50$ and came in 6 different sizes. Filter for the mask is a C17 II filter elements include ASC Charcoal with fiberglass and plastic laminated and fused between external layers. The primary difference between the M22 and the XM28E4 is that the M22 has the filter and filtering elements built onto the exterior of the mask rather than the interior. The filter is plastic, and does unfold to fit a person's face with a bit of force. 

There is little history and knowledge about this mask due to the fact that it was never properly manufactured in bulk to be issued to civilians, even more surprisingly is that there is no confirmed manufacturer. Although it is commonly thought that it was MSA that designed the M22 as they developed the XM28E4.

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