The CM-3 is Czechoslovakian Civil Defence Mask, which was reproduced with minor changes as the MC-1 in Poland.

Mask Edit

The mask is made of a higher quality rubber than it's cousin, the MC-1, being softer and more comfortable than it's Polish clone, as well as this, the coloration is a somewhat softer green than the MC-1. The exhale valve is made of a Bakelite-like Material with a Brown Color. Within the Exhale Valve a Blue Cloth-Like material is held, as opposed to the Wire Mesh found in the MC-1's Exhale Valve. Like many other Czech-Made Gas Masks, a Brown Neck Strap is present, to make Carrying the mask Easier.

Filter Edit

As of right now, little to no information is available on the Filter, but it is Visually similar to GP-5 Canisters and the Polish MS-4 Canister.

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