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The Greek COBRA mask is a licensed copy of the German M65 and it is the current Gas Mask of the Ελληνικός Στρατός (Hellenic -Greek - Army).

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The Greek Army COBRA is a full face mask that started manufacture in 1988 by BIANA S.A. It is a licensed German M65 copy, however it has quite a few different modifications and appearance differences. Starting off, first thing one would notice is the black colored face piece. That black rubber is much softer than the M65's. COBRA's face piece is designed in such manner that can easily adjust on someone's face especially being slim, with the soft rubber taking the form of one's face, giving an easy tight seal. The mask is by default modified with having a drinking tube system. Moreover a major difference with the M65 as well as with other copies is that COBRA's exhale valve is covered by a hard plastic shell. Lastly the mask has a five point head harness with little metallic clips. It's design is in accordance with NATO Standards.

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