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This article is about a concept, not a mask.
This article has been written about something that is not a specific model of mask, but a concept relating to CBRN warfare or the engineering behind gas masks.

After the use of the P.C. 30 and P.C. 32, the first official Italian civilian masks, it was decided that issuing masks to every person would be too expensive, and therefore the civilians should purchase gas masks privately.

To avoid confusion, it was decided that the masks suitable for this role should be approved by the S.C.M. (Servizio Chimico Militare, chemical military service). The table below has all the known licenses granted from 1934 up to 1939.

Most of these masks ended production around 1940, with some being issued and recycled during the War as territorial masks.

After the beginning of the Second World War, no more licenses were granted, and the State started directly selling a new mask, the P.C. 40, and greatly insisted on procuring one for people that live in dangerous areas. Late in the War, these were issued for free to the certain endangered people and various territorial corps, in place of more competent masks.

Lic.# Subject of the license Date*
1 S.I.P. 1 (mask) 26/5/1934
2 P43 (civilian variant) (mask) 26/5/1934
3 unknown x
4 unknown x
5 T.33 (civilian variant) (mask) 31/8/1934
6 S.I.P. 3 (mask) 31/8/1934
7 unknown x
8 Dirzepo (filter) 20/2/1935
9 P.C. 35 (mask and filter) 17/5/1935
10 Pir. 35 (mask) 23/11/1935
11 R.S. 35 (mask) 28/1/1936
12 RESPIRO mask (mask and filter) 8/3/1936
13 unknown x
14 Pir. 35 (filter) 13/6/1936
15 unknown x
16 R.S. 37 (mask and filter) 1/3/1937
17 unknown x
18 unknown x
19 Rifugio L.B. (mask) 15/6/1938
20 Pirec38 (filter) 15/6/1938
21 R.S. 38 (mask and filter) 15/6/1938
22 P.C. 38 (I.A.C. variant) (mask and filter) 22/7/1938
23 unknown x
24 Rifugio T.U.O. (mask) 19/12/1938
25 Rifugio L.B./V.N. (mask) 6/3/1939
26 Rifugio T.U.O./M.N. (mask) 6/3/1939
27 P.C. 38 (Superga variant) (mask and filter) 17/3/1939
28 unknown x
29 P.43tf (mask) 27/7/1939
  • (Note that the date system is not the American one.)