The DP-1 (ДП-1) filter canister is a Soviet-made 40mm (GOST threaded) filter designed to convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. Introduced in the early 1970s, it was issued with the EO-16 or EO-65K filters to be used with the ShM-41, ShMS, MM-1 and PRVU gas masks.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The DP-1 filter is usually tan colored, with two ridges spaced evenly around the middle of the canister. It contains hopcalite sandwiched between desiccant and cotton mesh, held inside the canister with metal grids and springs. In addition to the standard 40mm GOST male thread for attaching to the mask or extension hose, it features a GOST threaded female port on the air intake, sealed with a metal cap instead of a rubber plug like other Soviet filters. This second threading was intended for the user to attach a primary filter, as the DP-1 was not designed for CBRN protection.

Filter markingsEdit

Text on example Purpose of text
ДП-1 Filter designation, DP-1 in Cyrillic
04-87-6 Month - Year - Production serial number
А 0370 Filter serial number
742 Sealed mass in grams

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