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On Jan. 7th, 1942, a month after the Pearl Harbor Attacks, the owner of Sun Rubber Company, T.W. Smith Jr, along with his assistant, Dietrich Rempel, presented a sketch of a proposed "Mickey Mouse" gas mask to the Chief of Chemical Warfare Service, Major General William N. Porter. The mask was intended for children and was given the look of the famous "Mickey Mouse" character to make the mask more child-friendly.

Sun Rubber Company went to produce a little over 1,000 of the Mickey Mouse gas masks and was given the Army-Navy "E" for excellence in 1944.

As the masks were never produced in sufficient quantity to be distributed en masse and very few would survive the coming years, only a handful of examples are known to exist today.

The mask uses a standard 6-point head harness, two small circular lenses, an M10 style filter, and a red plastic exhale valve.



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