The Willson Dustite respirator is an American industrial half-mask.

Overview Edit

The Dustite series masks use a facepiece universal to all the Dustite variants. This facepiece is made of black natural rubber and has a shape that accommodates the user's face. The filter and a wire mesh are housed in the front in a circular assembly with a cover screwed on. The nose part has a metal clamp that helps to maintain the shape of the rubber. The mask is worn using one strap that goes behind the head.

Kit Edit

The kit comprises of six accessories that are universal with each variant of mask. (Except the No.1)

  • The Dustite No.1, 2, 2D, 11, or 22 facepiece
  • an envelope to store the loose components
  • a stack of spare filter pads
  • spare inlet valve discs (not included in the No.1 kit)
  • A “Facelet” (a stretchy fabric cuff that goes over the edges of the mask to prevent skin irritation and allergic reactions from the rubber while in use)
  • a cardboard storage box that is printed with the masks name and instructions

Variants Edit

The Dustite series masks came in multiple different variations as listed below.

No.1- presumed to be the same as the No.2 except it is missing the outlet valve Assemblies.

No.2- the improved model, it uses a metal screw thread and appears to be the first model to use the dual outlet valve assembly.

No.2D- about the same as the No.2 but uses an all-plastic screw thread instead of a metal one.

No.11/22 nothing is known about these models. It could be that they were a slight improvement or maybe they used different filter pads.

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