The E-I was the firts Estonian produced gas mask, derivated from the ARS. It was meant to replace the British SBR mask

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Military Edit

The mask is made of rubberized brown canvas and is held onto the face with a 5-points head harness with an addtitional nec strap. The valve housing is a circular metal piece with a thread on the bottom side and the exhale vale is over the thread. The eyepieces are made of celluloid.

Civilian Edit

Later a civilian version was available for the public which differed from the military version in that the rubberised canvas was changed to black leather.

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Originaly it came with the E-I filter but later it was issued with a Dräger 455 and 42mm to 40mm DIN adapter.

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It comes with the facepiece, filter, spare celluloid lenses and a tube carrier.

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It started production in 1927 and ended in 1938. Sizes should be V -Väike (Small) K-Keskmine (Medium) S-Suur (Large). It was meant to replace the British SBR mask

User organisationsEdit

  • Flag-ee-a Eesti Kaitsevägi (Estonian defence forces)

  • Flag-ee-vko Vabatahtlik Kodanlik Õhukaitse (pre-Civil DefenceFlag-civil-defence)

  • Flag-fir Fire Brigade

  • Flag-pas Civilians

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