The EM2 was an Italian gas mask made by Pirelli for industry use.

Mask overview Edit

The EM2 mask's facepiece was made of a two layers beige rubber, textured on the outside and smooth on the inside. The head harness had five straps, 4 of which were elastic. The lenses were made of triplex glass. Inside the mask, there was a sponge layer that helped to reduce the dead space inside the mask and to prevent fogging while wearing it; this sponge-section design varied slightly from the Penna respirator to closen the eyepieces to the eyes so to give a better field of view. The inlet-outlet assembly is connected to the mask at the bottom and it has three holes: one for the hose, one for the connection to the mask and the third was for the exhale valve, kept still by a lid; inside there is an inlet valve. The filter itself was attached through a pleated hose to the aforementioned piece and itself was stored in its bag or cage carrier.

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Filter Edit

The mask was issued with a filter that depended on the kind of protection required in the buyer's working condition. The most common filter was the "Tubin", a metal box similar to the one of the Penna.

Kit Edit

The mask was used in two configurations. With the first one, the mask came with a satchel similar to the one of the Penna respirator: it had two sections, one for the mask and the other for the filter and hose. The filter section had holes to allow airflow. The main strap had a special buckle to be shortened when the mask was in use; the small string on the side of the satchel helped to keep the aforementioned firmly onto the wearer's chest. In the second configuration, the filter was put in a small cage satchel on the wearer's chest.

References Edit

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