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The Ephese is a modern gas mask in use with the French army.

The mask is used by both the French military and air force

It is mostly seen in PAPR setup.

Full French military NBC loadout

Overview Edit

The Ephese is an upgraded version of the previous ARF-A, the main difference being the 2 lenses instead of the panoramic visor

The mask in infantry configuration

The PAPR Edit

The Ephese PAPR is produced by Honeywell safety products, their website states the following:

Consists of a compatible mask and portable ventilator


The Ephase PAPR manufactured by Honeywell Safety Products

with flight equipment, our systems guarantee

helicopter crews and transport aircraft protection

exceptional during the accomplishment of their mission.

The filtered air flow is adjusted to the respiratory needs of the wearer,

without the discomfort of too high a flow likely to affect

visual performance by drying the eyes.

The fan is powered by an independent lithium battery

to protect the wearer during his transfer to the ground,out of the device.

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