This policy is currently in draft

This policy is designed to outline the requirements for posting claims or evidence to support a claim.


Claim - Making a statement about an article or item (e.g. saying that a filter is safe to use)

Evidence - proof that relates to a claim (e.g. We know that the C2 filter contains dangerous levels of chromium due to an inquiry that was performed by the US Government and then posted here)


Evidence must be supplied in written form and available for users to view without restriction.

This can take the form of .pdfs uploaded to the wiki (for written documents) or direct links to documents stored online.

Legitimate SourcesEdit

Legitimacy of sources may be questioned from time to time. The determination of legitimate sources will be at the discretion of the local Adminstrator/Content Moderator.

As a general rule, sources that are generally considered to be legitimate are: manufacturers (of the mask/respirator in question), certain Government agencies (examples include the US DoD or the UK's MOD). This list is not exhaustive and may be updated at any time. Please speak to an Administrator or Moderator for help.


Users failing to adhere to this policy will be warned. Continued failure may result in further action being taken at the local Administrator/Moderator's discretion.

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