The Czechoslovak FM-4 was a children gas mask made by simplifying the FM-3.

Mask overview Edit

The mask is basically the same as the FM-3 but the valve housing was changed and it lacks of a dedicated exhale valve.

The facepiece is made of moulded gray rubber. The rubber could be smooth like on the FM-3d or textured like on the FM-3c. The round triplex eyepieces are held by black painted steel assemblies. The valve house is made of bakelite and clamped to the faceblank with a single metal strip. The 6 point head harness was simplified as well. The rubberised bands connect to moulded in metal buckles, there is a clamped metal part on the end of each strap which stops it in the buckle. There are two slabs on the back where the straps connect to and the harness can be adjusted there by two pull tabs.

Filter Edit

The filter wich could be FF, CHF, EF or rarely TF series connected to the mask via a hose.

Carrier and kit Edit

Carriers for the mask vary, probably depending on the price, from cardboard tubes to sturdy metal canisters. But the most common was the cnavas bag.

The kit contained:

  • Mask
  • Hose
  • Filter
  • Carrier
  • Anti-fogging soap
  • Short manual

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