The Hungarian Fegyver vegyimentesítő csomag (módosított) (Weapon decontamination kit (modified)) was issued to the Néphadsereg (People’s army), Munkásőrség (Worker’s militia), Polgári védelem (for registered members) (Civil Defence) and to other organisations like Határőrság (Border guards) and Rendőrség (Police) during the Cold War. It was in service between 1965-1990. It was the successor of the FVCs.

The kit is in a blue rubberised fabric packet.

Substances Edit

  • two 26 x 16 cm wiping cloth
  • sealed plastic bag (contains 120g calcium hypochlorite, 5g emulgator (marlowet), 6g activated aluminium powder)
  • manual

Manual Edit

Open the outer fabric packet. Tear of a 5cm strip from one of the wiping cloth, wipe and absorb the contamination.

Open the plastic bag on the marking. Pour water till in summer the upper, in winter the lower marking (approx. 0,7 liter). Close it and shake it hard.

When the tincture heated up (calcium hypochlorite reacts with water in an exotherm reaction) put the bag in a previously digged hole (or pour it in a pot).

Dip the clot from what the previous part was ripped off in the tincture and clean the equipment many times.

Wipe dry the equipment with the second cloth and after grease or oil it.

Bury the used decontamination tincture, cloth and bags.

References Edit

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  • Munkásőrség: Kézikönyv az alegységparancsnokok felkészüléséhez (book-1980)
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