The Gāzmaska A was the first inland produced mask in Latvia. It was the main mask of the Nacionālie Bruņotie Spēki (Latvian defence forces) and the Civil Defence till the Soviet occupation.

Mask overview Edit

The mask was basically a major update to the British SBR however many similarities can be spotted. The facepiece itself is made of rubber coated brown canvas. The valve housing is very basic, the hose is fixed to the assembly. Under the intake the exhale valve can be found in a guard piece because the flutter valve is prone to get damaged. The eyepieces are in metal assemblies and are squeezed to the rubberised canvas with a metal ring. The adjustable 7-pointed harness system is connected to a centre piece on the back.

Filter Edit

The filter is very similar to the Type J filter of SBR.

Bag Edit

Big canvas bag.

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