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The GM-30 is a military gas mask used by Nazi Germany in World War 2.

Overview Edit

The GM-30 uses a simple head harness made from cloth straps which can not be easily adjusted. The face-piece itself is made from a thick canvas material coated in a thin layer of rubber to provide a tight seal to the user, though it was considered uncomfortable. Cellulose eye lenses were attached to canvas using simple metal rims, the valves were also made from metal and included a 40mm intake valve as well as an exhale valve covered by a metal grate for protection.

History Edit

The GM-30 was created as a successor to the GM-24 and was issued to the Wehrmacht during Nazi Germany.

Filter Edit

The mask was issued with a lightweight 40mm canister filter, which was a primitive version of the FE 55. This filter contains asbestos and is deemed unsafe to wear due to age and contents.

Gallery Edit

GM-30 Gas Mask

Photo of GM-30 Gas Mask (frontal and side view)

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