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The GM-54 is a German gas mask issued to both Civil Defense and the German Military.

Overview Edit

The GM-54 was a small light-weight gas mask similar in design of that of the GM-30 and the GM-38. The GM-54 is built from a canvas material coated in a grayish green rubber coating, similar to previous Nazi military mask designs. The mask uses a simple connected intake and outtake valve attached to the front of the mask, with a metal cover covering the outtake valve to prevent damage and decay. It uses a simple five piece head cloth harness with a bottom harness strap to tighten the mask for a better seal, some models also included carry straps. The lenses are attached by a large metal crimp on outer pieces, a design carried over from the previous GM masks.

The mask was issued in a large metal canteen as most GM masks were, with a simple carry strap attached for mobility.

Filter Edit

The GM-54 was issued with a slightly improved version of the filter issued with the GM-30 mask, the FE 55, the filter is small and lightweight.

History Edit

The GM-54 was created by Drager in the early 1950s as successor to the GM-38.

Gallery Edit


Surplus GM-54 in poor condition

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Inside of the GM-54

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GM-54 issued FE55

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