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The German Ledermaske (leather protection mask) was introduced in 1918 to combat chemical weapons used by both sides in the First World War. It replaced the GM17 mask.

Overview Edit

The mask is made of tanned sheepskin (due to rubber shortage) and is dipped in an oil sealant. The lenses made of glass unlike the previous GM17 and GM15 masks but there were masks with the older celluloid lenses. The intake valve is in a metal house. It has a 6 point head harness. The purpose of the strap on the front of the mask is to prevent sagging the filter too much.

Filter Edit

It has a grey cylindrical canister filter.

Canister Edit

It had a canister very similar to the GM17 canister.

Users Edit

Flag-de-kf Deutsches Heer (Imperial German army)

Flag-de-rw Reichswehr (army of Weimar Republic)

The German Empire used the mask in great quantities and after the war it was used for training. That time the mask was fitted with an exhale valve.

Flag-lt-a Lietuvos ginkluotosios pajėgos (Lithuanian army)

The Lithuanian army used the mask without the exhalation valve in the 1930s.

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