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The GP-1 (Russian: Гражданский Противогаз — "Civilian Gas Mask") was a civilian filter issued with various face pieces during the Second World War.

ГП-1 GP-1 Civilian Gas Mask

ГП-1 GP-1 Civilian Gas Mask

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The filter Edit

The GP-1 filter is a cylindrical metal filter containing the various blocking substances. It was fixed to the face piece at the chin.

Face pieces Edit

The face pieces were mainly made by local craftsmen and fit to the filter.

The exhale valve, similar amongst most masks, was kept in a metal cage and was made up of two rubber discs.

Sh-2 (Ш-2) Edit

The Sh-2 was made of rubberized cloth and had the exhale valve at the side. The eye pieces could be the one of the Sh-1 face piece or just glued ones.

Sh-3 (Ш-3) Edit

The Sh-3, identical in setup to the Sh-2, was cheaper to make and was less sturdy. The eye pieces could be glued or crimped.

ShM-1 (ШМ-1) Edit

The ShM-1 was a helmet style face piece and had the exhale valve in the front.
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