The GP-7V was a civilian issue version of the PMK-1. It was an upgrade from the earlier version GP-7. This newer version did not change much besides the addition of a drinking tube and canteen to the kit. The filter of the GP-7 hasn't been tested for asbestos as of 2019, therefore wearing the filter is risky.

Features Edit

  • Round lenses, similar to the ones found on the GP-5
  • A very clear voice diaphragm
  • A screw fitted exhale valve
  • A drinking tube which wraps around the voice diaphragm and attaches below the exhale valve
  • A GOST 40mm filter input on the left cheek
  • A rubber 5-point harness
  • A rubber flap around the inside of the mask to give a better seal

A standard GP-7V kit comes with the a simple cloth bag, the mask, a GP-7k filter canister, a yellow plastic canteen or an olive metal canteen, ballistic outsert lenses, and anti-fog stickers.

Due to the harness being made of rubber, it is uncomfortable and painful for those with longer hair to take it on and off. When the mask is on, however, it sits comfortably on the face.

The GP-7V comes in three sizes, going from smallest to largest: 1, 2 and 3.

For a gas mask that features many things modern masks have, it is rather affordable, circulating websites at prices ranging from $15-$60.

Trivia Edit

  • This mask is seen in the movie My Bloody Valentine, with the filter input attached to the bottom and the exhale valve attached to the cheek.
  • Be wary when buying this mask, as they sometimes include the GP-5 filter rather than the the GP-7 filter. The GP-7 filter differs from the GP-5 filter by it having ridges on top and being slightly taller.
  • The flexible straps on the GP-7's harness may be difficult to adjust, requiring more force then other gas masks with a similar harness system. The area around the metal GOST thread is made of the same material as the mask making it very flexible. This can make it awkward attempting to adjust the masks fit by grabbing the filter when worn on the face.

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Russian GP-7v Gas Mask Review

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