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The PDF-2SH can also be referred to as, the children's version of the GP-7. It is a newer improved version of the Soviet PDF-D children's gas mask but with a few small handful of distinct differences such as being made in a dark black rubber and bearing a different exhale valve pattern, also in black. The hose is permanently affixed and is not designed to be removed with ease. The PDF-2Sh utilizes a 5 point rubber head harness, two circular lenses, and it lacks an oral nasal cup. The mask comes in a bag similar to the GP-5's. The hose is, like most parts on the mask, made of a jet black rubber and is approximately 50 cm. long or just short of 20 in.

Foreign use and export[]

The American company MIRA safety based in Austin, Texas sells this mask rebranding it as its own unique mask called the CM-2M. On their website, it retails for $165 including a mask, bag, and no filter as of a 2019 review. MIRA safety also claims that their CM-2M is manufactured in 2019 and has been converted to accept 40mm NATO filters.

Those claims aren't sourced and cannot be proven at the time.