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Overview Edit

The GP-9 features a removable oral-nasal cup, panoramic lens, intercom, voice diaphragm, and a 40mm GOST thread, making it superior to the previous GP-7V mask.

Design Edit

The mask has different outer portions depending on use. The two more common designs are the MAG-3L and the PPM. The PPM has also been referred to as the MPG-IZOD. The following models are available for the outer portion "front part" of the mask, depending on the manufacturer: MAG-3, MAG-3L, MGP, MGP-V, MGU, MGU-V, MPG-IZOD, MP-04.

Briz-Kama manufactures this mask as the Briz 4301M, a modernized version of the PPM. The Briz 4301M can take 40MM NATO filters, as can many other Briz masks. The Zelinksy Group directly manufactures the MAG-3 variant.

Uses Edit

The GP-9 is intended for civilian and civil defense and is still used today.

More features Edit

The GP-9 comes in three sizes, Small (М), Medium (С), and Large (Б). The lens is made out of clear plastic, and allows for glasses to be worn. The mask has a 5 point strap, and the voice diaphragm can be seen in the bottom right of the mask.

Sources Edit

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