The GSR (General Service Respirator) is the current issue 5th generation protective mask of the British armed forces and Danish Forsvaret.

Background[edit | edit source]

Beginning in 2003 the development of the GSR was started by Design Reality (with assistance from Porton Down), who were contracted by Scott to produce prototypes and designs for the GSR which eventually lead to the current iteration of the GSR. Interestingly Design Reality was not a PPE designer or manufacturer of any sort, which may explain some of the unique design aspects of the GSR.

While the shape of the GSR began to take form into what we know today it went through several possible prototypes with the later ones being destinctly close to the serial production GSR until around 2006 when the basic design was solidified and completely finalised by approximately 2008 in the honnington trials. Various issues and production holdups lead to relatively low production volumes until 2012 with the original mass issue date being pushed back several times. The GSR eventually completely replaced the S10 in 2014 with the British army after the reserves were issued them.

The GSR was officially adopted on 2010-08-26 and training was started in the following year. British Forces Germany were the first to field the mask.

All recruits are trained in the use of the respirator, and existing personnel received refresher training.

As of January 2015, 309,228 respirators have been delivered to the British Armed Forces.[1]

Due to Scott's substandard quality control and materials in 2018 a 5-year £18 million contract for an inital 15,380 GSR's was awarded to Avon protection systems with options for further batches in the future. Certain sources say production started in 2018 however merely pre production and test examples along with service & support were produced and started then with full scale production starting some time between Feburary and July 2020. Along with GSR production the 2018 contract had Avon take over resupply and in-service support for the respirators which began in 2019.

The Filter[edit | edit source]

The filter design on the GSR is vastly different to most military respirators on the market at the current time. The filters (pictured below) have a lock system which allows filters to be swapped out more quickly and efficiently than the old threaded filters. The GSRe / GSReS variants can also be converted in the field to take more conventional NATO threaded canisters. Filters have a 15 year shelf life when sealed and 4 months unsealed.

Other Features[edit | edit source]

The GSR is an ambidextrous mask as either filter can be rotated to face up to accommodate looking through optics on any weapon system. The GSR also prevents breathing through an inlet if there isn't a filter attached, in order to reduce the risk of accidental inhalation of CBRN particles in the air. It also includes a drinking tube.

Drills[edit | edit source]

Dress States[edit | edit source]

Dress States. As per Counter CBRN Aide Memoire.
State Respirator Meaning
0 Nil Carried Respirator/1st set of IPE within Unit.
0C Respirator/Mask Carried 1st set of IPE within Unit.
1 Respirator/Mask Carried IPE carried or immediately available.
2 Respirator/Mask Carried Suit worn (hood down), boots & Gloves carried.
3 Respirator/Mask Carried Suit worn (hood down) & Boots worn, Gloves carried.
4 Respirator/Mask Carried Suit worn (hood up), Boots & Gloves worn.

Donning[edit | edit source]

Drill for Donning the GSR. as per Counter CBRN Aide Memoire.
1. Remove GSR from haversack, grasping it by the louvre (grille) cover.
2. Insert chin into the respirator, locating into chin cup and roll respirator onto face. With your free hand, grasp the harness.
3. Pull up and over the head firmly and drive harness down back of the head fully.
4. Smooth harness with hands from top to bottom to ensure it is not twisted and that the triangle of the harness is low and central on the back of the head.
5. Locate and tighten the bottom 2 harness straps by pulling the straps rearward until the stoppers are reached.
6. If the face seal requires further adjustment lift respirator from face by grasping PFCs, (filters) re-adjust as necessary. Allow respirator to re-seal on the face.

Doffing[edit | edit source]

Drill for Doffing the GSR. as per Counter CBRN Aide Memoire.
1. Locate bottom 2 harness buckles, pull forward and downward until fully slackened.
2. Grasp the respirator by the louvre (grille) cover and pull the respirator 'forward' and 'up' to remove from face.
3. Return respirator to the hackersack, ensuring the harness is located over the front of the respirator. Store Respirator onto the 'former' (face form) inside the haversack ensuring that the witness mark is not visible. Note: When storing, it is imperative that the respirator is located correctly onto the former.

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