Gas masks have a strong presence in action survival and horror genres, from My bloody valentine with a MSA Riot control and a modified GP-7 in the remake, to others such as almost any Gulf war film using M17A1/A2 masks (Jarhead), to the slew of respirators in Arq. The Model 4A1 is seen in the trailer for Den of Thieves.

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Screenshot 20170213-193949

Cristina Blackwater (model) wearing an italian T.35 gas mask in the "Blood Shake" musical video by Dope D.O.D and Salmo.

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Mannequins with WWII British General Civilian Respirator in Miss Pettigrew (2008)

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Finnish M61 V2 and V3 gas mask worn by soldiers (?) in the "Blue Sky" music video by the Italian rappers Madman and Gemitaiz.

Screenshot 20170213-191821

An agent of the Italian secret services wearing a GP-9 in the political fiction/conspiracy Italian movie "New World Order".


The Miner (Richard John Walters) wearing a modified GP-7V gas mask with a hose in the movie "My Bloody Valentine 3D"

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