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The Norwegian IMA is a mask developed by Helly Hanson in the 1960s for use by Norwegian Civil Defense. The facepiece is made of olive colored PVC, and the brow area of the mask is stamped with the word, "IMA." Another manufacturer stamp is found on the left side of the mask with the numbered size, "H.J.H" (Assumed to be "Helly J. Hanson"), and "NORWAY." The visor is made out of transparent PVC and extends around the entire facepiece, providing a questionably wide field of vision. The exhale valve has it's own housing, which can be opened. A 40mm threaded filter input is found on the bottom of the mask. The facepiece also has an extra strap that is longer than the others, presumably so the wearer could simply rest the mask on their neck when not in use. The same strap is found on the Czech CM-3 and CM-4. A very basic but incredibly comfortable oronasal cup is found inside the facepiece.

The mask would normally be issued with a gray haversack and an olive colored filter.