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The IMB was the twin-mask of the IMA. Visually they are almost the same except for placement of stamps, where the IMB has the size on the forehead instead of on the cheek. The color might also be different, but this is minute.

The IMB was been distributed with a carrier bag of the same colour with a manual and filter packed in foil. It was made for industry (though some sources suggest the military) as seen on the exhale valve. The sticker says 'Godkjent av direktoratet for arbeidstilsynet', meaning 'Approved by the Directorate of Labor Inspection'. If IMA were given this mark is unknown.

The mask featured Helly Hansens PVC visor design. This gave the wearer a phenomenal field of view. It might have come with a Helly Hansen filter as they also made filters. If this is the case it might've used NBC filters in some places. It has a strap so the mask can hang from your neck when not wearing it. It also has a iron mesh in the exhale valve. The purpose of this is unknown. Finally, it could be said that the IMA and IMB are the simplest masks Helly Hansen ever made.
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