Soviet decontamination kit IPP-8, was largely used by military and civilians, it was put in service around end of 70s. It comes with a flask, 4pcs of cotton and all is sealed inside a plastic bag. Mostly these were put inside side pockets of gas mask bags.

The Instruction/manual on the IPP-8 reads: 


Year made ----

1. Open the Packet, pour the substance from the flask all over the tampon from the packet. With wet tampon rub the open skin wounds and also clean the helmet and the mask.

2. Pour the substance over the tampon again, clean the chin (of your mask) and sleeves/cuffs (ends) of your equipment which are close to your skin.

The substance is toxic and dangerous for eyes! 

Don't open until needed!

The liquid in the IPP-8 Kit was called: Isopropyl Palmitate. This has been known to clog skin pores.



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