The Ipari álarc was the first industrial full face mask produced in Hungary. It was mainly based on the 28M military mask, however, later the eyepieces were changed to the 34M type ones.

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The face blank is made of rubber-coated light brown canvas and seals on the face via goat leather verge. As previously mentioned the main difference between the earlier and later masks are the eyepieces. On the earlier masks, it is the same as on the 28M, there are fixed metal parts which were pressed to the face blank and to these fixed parts unscrewable metal parts connected the glasses of the eyepieces. On the later ones with 34M type eyepieces the shatterproof (it is composed of two glass layers and a thin sheet of cellulose in between) glasses are crimped to copper assemblies which are pressed to the faceblank permanently. The harness uses a three-piece adjustable harness hooked up to a small leather center-piece to which the straps are bolted onto, an additional strap near the bottom would be wrapped around the user's head and hooked around to provide a tight seal. There is a carrying strap on the bottom back of the mask. The filter connection (which is the same as on the 33M) is both the intake and the outtake at the same time. Unlike the Cold War era Hungarian masks, the size 1 is the biggest and size 4 is the smallest.

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Main article: Mercur industrial filters

Mercur made lightweight industrial filters were used with this mask.

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Before this mask started being used, if the factory needed a mask, foreign masks, mostly Auer 700 series masks and Dräger 200 series masks were used with their filters. Importing masks was very expensive so Mercur started to produce its own masks based on foreign designs in the early 30s.

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