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The Ipari félálarc (Industrial half-mask) was used in the industry alongside the Ipari teljes álarc during the Cold War. Its simplified dust mask variant is the LIX.


The mask is the mix of other Hungarian full-face masks. It is made of rubber-coated green canvas and the sealing is provided by leather like on the 67M and 75M. The intake and the exhale valve is exactly the same as on the Népgázálarc, however on the later ones the intake is made of plastic. The head harness is a very simple 3 pointed adjustable one with the straps sewed together on the back.


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Industrial filters from Medicor were used with the mask depending on the situation.



The mask was used mostly during agricultural works (spraying, painting, etc) with glasses.

Civil defence[]

The mask was mainly an emergency option in case there are no enough 67M or 75M masks (better than nothing). However, the mask was much more common in the first aid and medical part of the Polgári védelem (Civil Defence).