The Ipari teljes álarc (industrial full mask) was used by the industry during the Cold War alongside with the Ipari félálarc.

Overview Edit

It is a full face mask made of rubber coated green colored canvas. The eyepieces are in metal assemblies. The harness uses a three-piece adjustable harness hooked up to a small leather center-piece the straps are bolted onto, an additional strap near the bottom would be wrapped around the user's head and hooked around to provide a tight seal. The valves are in one black plastic (bakelite) piece. The exhale is on top of the 40mm GOST intake covered with a white plastic piece. It was made in 4 sizes and the sizing is the same as on the 76M.

Filters Edit

A lot of different filters made by Medicor (A, B, B2, E, P3,…) were used along with fresh air equipments depending on where was it used.

Bag and kit Edit

The bag is very basic, similar to the 57M bag (60M bag) just it is smaller and made of green canvas, also there are no inside sections. Antifog soap was used instead of inserts.

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