The ÕGL-G1 (also known as K-I) was a short production mask made by VKÕ (Estonian air and gas defence union).

Mask overview Edit

The facepiece was made of black leather to which the aluminium eyepiece assemblies connected to hold the glasses, possibly made of celluloid. The 42mm intake was on the front while the exhale valve got placed on the left cheek.

Filter Edit

Estonian made filter.

Carrier Edit

The carrier of the mask is dubious however it is possible that the mask came with a metal canister.

External information Edit

This was the first non-government made mask in Estonia and was designed by dr. Kuusk, only a few hundred were made.

User organisationsEdit

  • Flag-ee-vko Vabatahtlik Kodanlik Õhukaitse (pre-Civil DefenceFlag-civil-defence)

  • Flag-fir Fire Brigade

  • Flag-pas Civilians

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