The K-1 gas mask is produced by the Samgong Industrial company, and is the current issue gas mask of the South Korean Armed Forces. The facepiece is black butyl rubber. It feeds 40mm canister filters and has a drinking valve. The circular front piece functions as both the exhale valve and the voice diaphragm. It is issued with a NBC hood that also functions as a second skin, as it fits over the mask. It uses a standard five-point head harness.

The Korean K-1 is available in the US both as Korean military surplus as well as the export model, available in the US. The export model is called the Evolution 5000, and can be found in new condition, as it is still being manufactured and exported today. The Korean army surplus masks come with slightly different accessories- the manual and components [anti-fog cloth, etc] are all marked in Korean, for one. The gas mask carrier is also marked differently- the army surplus masks are marked in Korean and has the logo of the Korean Armed Forces, whereas the export model comes in a bag that is simplistically marked with the company logo and 'K-1'. Surplus Korean Army K-1 models can still be found in their original packaging, which is a tin can similar to that used to store new US army M-9 and M-9a1 gas masks. The filters also come in sealed tins, like the US C2 filters. The mask comes with the plastic faceform-piece [which is made to be inserted into the mask whenever the mask is not in use to protect the mask's shape], the filter, the drinking tube, the hood, the carrier, a waterproof bag, and the anti-fog cloth in both the export and surplus models.

The pricing of the K-1 ranges widely depending on multiple factors, including whether the model in question is the import or surplus model, date of manufacture, condition, supply and demand, and so forth. The export model K-1 will most likely be easy to find for some time to come, as it is still being produced and exported to the US due to its excellent protective properties.

Popular Culture Edit

In Player Unknown's Battlegrounds battle royale game you can see K-1 mask as a cosmectic item.

  • Picture of the item in the video game strongly resembles K1 mask

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